About Me!


Hello! I am Rhino, but this is not my real name, 25 years old and from Japan. I know Rhino is the animal. My actual name is Rino though. When I was a high school student, I found the word "rhino" in my Engish dictionary and I liked it. That is why I use "Rhino" when I write my blog.






I entered the technical school to learn English after graduating from the high school, and then I transplanted to the university.

I heard how people work for the Japanese company and I did not like how they do. My policy is I do not say "I do not like it" until trying it. Therefore, I decided to work for the Japanese company for few years to know. I worked for the interior company in Tokyo for three years. Now I can say "I do not like to work for the Japanese company".


I came to Switzerland after I quit the job. The reason why I chose this country is a long story, so it is better not to write about it. ( Maybe I will write about it later)


This blog is about the difference between European culture and Japanese culture, and anything that I want to write.


I also have a blog in Japanese.

My Japanese Blog is about my life in Switzerland, traveling, food, language.

I also write my blog to encourag people who cannot take the foremost step in doing what they really want to do, to speak for another about many Japanese think it is wrong or crazy, to supporting women who cannot do what they want to do due to their sex, to share the life living in the another country.


I hope my blog can help or support people.